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Whitenin of the teeth

The whitening of the teeth has became a recognized professional procedure nowadays. All natural teeth- both vital and devitaliyed – can be whitened. We use different techniques for teeth whitening.

1) The technique of teeth whitening in the surgery where in one hour treatement with the best known, special substances, your teeth can become white and stay white for a long time.


2) In our dental surgery we make special sets of "teeth rubber" for our patients who are then given specila get to use at home. the change in the colour of your teeth will occur in one months’ time.

3) Combination of both techniques


The choise of the technique depends or our patients wishes as well as on the basic colour of their teeth.



Estetic fillings

Many years of experience in this branch of dentistry and materials of the highest quality used at the Simić dental surgeries offer numerous possibilities.



Tooth fractures



Metal-free ceramica

There are different bases for metal-free ceramics. What kind of ’cups’ will be used depends on the indication. The cups used for front teeth is the thinest and the finest. The best kind are produced in Sweden.

More information.



Esthetic post and cores

The use of esthetic post of utmost importance regardless of their position under both metal and metal-free ceramics because the metal used in crowns or soft tissues can be made invisible. In this way both the natural colour of soft tissues and transparency of crowns can be nicely achieved.



Veneer facets



Teeth adornments






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