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Oral implantation is a surgical building-in of aloplastic materials (metals, alloys,ceramics, polymer and various combinatios of them) into the soft tissue or the osseous tissue of the upper or the lower jaw. This is usually performed in order to improve chewing of the food, or for esthetic purposes and also to improve the capacity for speech of the patients who are partially or comletely toothless.

For the success of the treatement with implants the following factors are important: the material of which the implant is made, the form and the size of the implant, the patient’s choice, the rigth indications, the application of appropriate surgical technique and the production of functionally and esthetically adequate superstructure.

Preoperative procedure includes complete healing of the oral cavity, the removal of soft and hard deposits found on the teeth, as well as the parient’s general good health.

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The most important factor, besides highly qualified doctors, is the maintenace of ideal oral hygiene. Surgical technology and the best materials used for the production of implants and prthodontic appliances are also factors that reduce the number of unsuccessful operations to a minimum. Implantation is an apsolutely painless surgical procedure followed by the orthodontic work after six up tp eight weeks.

An imaplant can substitute or a mobile tooth. It can also be a support for a bridge or a mobile denture. An adequate distribution of implants in the toothless jaw can facilitate the support of a whole, fixed bridge.

Mini implants

„ My problems with dentures? Finally solved„

At the Simić dental surgery we carry out combinations of techniques concerning implantology- with total dentures- and in such cases where the retention of the total denture has moved or has failed. We build in special little implant for the stabilization and retention of the denture.





by Vladimir Marković


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